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Don’t Listen To That Man Promising You Heaven and Earth, He May Become Worse Than Your Partner; I Regret Leaving My Marriage- Tiwa Savage

“Simi And Adekunle Gold Makes Me Regret Being Single, Their Love Is Still Burning Fresh Like They Started Just Yesterday”. – Tiwa Savage writes in pain and regrets leaving her marriage.

In her words: “While on set with Simi I had to ask her when she met Adekunle Gold again. Because AG kept calling & checking up on her every now and then, like 10 times in 10 minutes hahaha. Their love is still burning fresh like they started just yesterday. Omo, na that day single life pan me…”

Indeed people don’t know the value of what they have until they lose it, the poor and the rich cry differently, many of those ladies you see out there celebrating their divorce and separation from their spouses aren’t truly happy, no one celebrates divorce and if they are truly happy then, they won’t celebrate it.

Many were gull!ble, a lot were mislead and deceived into leaving their homes thinking that there is something on the Streets but within a space of time the euphoria will die down and reality will set in, most of them cry silently and the big lady Tiwa is one of them, if not a case of violence sit down with your husband/partner and sort things out. Every relationship have ups and downs, even twins fight and have issues.

Don’t listen to that man promising you heaven and earth, he wants to have a taste of your new wine and will lick your foot if that’s all it takes to get it but when that happens he may become worse than your current partner.

The pasture looks lush green on the other side from afar, it can’t be same when you get there.
Guard what you presently have jealously, it is the best.
Being single no be moi moi.

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