Your language scares holy spirit in my parish

James kicks and Martins kicks back

You have been suspended for now – Bishop Alfred Martin told Rv Father James


The Lagos state Catholic diocese suspended James Anelu, the Catholic parish priest of holy Trinity church in Ikorudo Lagos state for banning igbo songs in the church.

According to the parish priest, the need to curtail Igbo’s excessiveness is very important because Ndi Igbo is dominating in his parish.

He angrily stopped the soul lifting song during second collection in a bid to checkmate the igbo dominance in his Parish.

He cited the example of how Ndi Igbo dominated the Catholic church at his home town in Benin to an extent of becoming the bishop in Edo state.

He liking the holy spirit to be more familiar with the language of the host community instead of Igbo language as he allegedly claimed that holy spirit usually recognize the geographical language of the parish.

Isn’t laughable?

The indefinite leave of absence suspension issued by

Rv father James

ArchBishop of Lagos starts today, Tuesday February 8 2022 and the Parish priest is expected to leave the parish house and parish activities pending the outcome of the investigation.

Diatony is saying, I salute the Bishop of Lagos state for standing against enthicity, bigotry and unnecessary hatred towards Ndi Igbo in Nigeria however, it must be stated that having completely relegated the Igbo’s in almost everything in Nigeria, the church shouldn’t relegate the Igbo’s further considering that Churches serves as a place of consolation.

With numerous indicators, I am tempted to say that truly, Ndi Igbo are not wanted in Nigeria.

Tell us what you think.

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