KEDIE introduced by Ichie O

KEDIE is a slang introduced into music lexicon by multi-talented AfroIgboFusion star, Ichie O.
KEDIE is not only hilarious,’Catchy’ and reverberating in sound, it is very mysteriously applied during communication application.

And right now,not only the effect being suspicious to a first time listener,the slang has become a regular street semantics which connotes “COME”,”SUP WITH YOU” and “WAD UP”

KEDIE slang was widely used in 2023 Music EP, titled, EXPERIMENTUM CRUSIS by Ichie O hence, the slang(Kedie) became a sensational semantic that is not only hilarious in nature, but instructive and awakening in real time.

Honestly, considering the Uniqueness of the Slang(KEDIE) and it’s organic application, I, therefore, recommend that the vibes in “KEDIE” as a SLANG should be a study of interest for student of linguistic studies in the University.
Written by @RadicalUpdate

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