Demolition Of Gombe Campaign Office Invitation To Anarchy – PDP

Demolition Of Gombe Campaign Office Invitation To Anarchy – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned what it terms an unprovoked invasion and demolition of the party’s campaign office in Gombe, Gombe State Capital.

According to the PDP this act was orchestrated by the jittery and outgoing All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration in the State.

“This cowardly and provocative action by the Governor Mohammad Inuwa Yahaya-led failed APC administration in Gombe State is a call for anarchy and a vicious attack on the generality of the people of the State, whose Will, aspiration and resolve for good governance is symbolized and embodied in the PDP as a Party,” the opposition party asserted in a statement on Monday.

“The PDP, without any equivocation, demands that the Gombe State Government should immediately rebuild the demolished Campaign Office and tender unreserved apology to the people of Gombe State.

“Governor Inuwa Yahaya is in mortal fear of the PDP Gombe State Campaign office which has become the rallying point of the people in the determination to liberate their State from the misrule and stranglehold of the APC administration.

“Nigerians were shocked by the display of hatred, violence and brute force by the Inuwa Yahaya-led APC administration in Gombe State, which also enlisted heavily armed police operatives, who reportedly fired tear gas and live shots at innocent citizens to assist the demolition squad to carry out its dastardly act.

“This failed governor is discomfited because the APC in Gombe State has fallen apart in the face of mass exodus of prominent APC members arising from his abysmal failure in office for which the people of the State have rejected him and the APC.

“It is inexcusable that being flustered by rejection and inevitable electoral defeat in 2023 given the soaring popularity of PDP’s Governorship Candidate, Jibrin Barde, the failed Gombe State Governor has resorted to inflicting violence on the people of Gombe State.

“Governor Inuwa Yahaya is aware that he is no match to PDP’s Jibrin Barde and as such he is now seeking to foist a fascist regime as a way to forcefully perpetuate himself in office beyond May 29, 2023.

“The PDP alerts that Governor Inuwa Yahaya has become a clear and present danger to national security as well as a huge threat to our democratic process and corporate existence as a nation.

“This is particularly as there are apprehensions in the public space that the Governor Inuwa Yahaya-led APC is setting up killer squads to unleash terror on the people ahead of the elections.

“Our Party cautions Inuwa Yahaya to note that he has been exposed and would be held responsible for any breakdown of Law and Order as well as any terrorist attack in Gombe State ahead of the elections,” the communique partly read.

The PDP therefore invited President Muhammadu Buhari to call Governor Inuwa Yahaya to order before he causes another mayhem in Gombe State.

PDP also charged the Inspector General of Police to order an investigation into the use of police operatives to attack the people of Gombe State to facilitate the demolition of the Campaign Office.

The party urged Governor Inuwa Yahaya to accept the reality of his rejection, adding that he must know that he can never intimidate or cow the people of Gombe State to submission with his resort to violence.

In the PDP’s opinion, the Gombe people have made up their minds that the governor must leave office in May 29, 2023 and there is no going back on that resolve.

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