Reuben Abati said they ask important questions to Atiku Abubakar

Reuben Abati said they ask important questions to Atiku Abubakar

Me: I disagree totally. They were no push back, they just bow down to ATiku and say, Thank You sir.
No interrogation and no serious push back.

In most cases, ATiku wouldn’t allow them to finish asking the question.

They were just accepting whatever garbage ATiku said without any Fact Check ✅

On Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON , Abati was right that, Wike should make up his mind on what to do with PDP going forward. Also, Nwike shouldn’t be telling Journalist what to do because, nobody is telling our governor’s what to do. I support Abati on this One.

Finally, I think Abati is leaning towards ATiku and PDP.
Sincerely, i don’t have issues with that because, citizens have the right to identify with any political party or candidate.

At the end, I still maintain that Arise News interview with ATiku was too soft. By the way, why not Having ATiku live in the studio just like his labour Party counterpart?
It seems to me like, it was a special treatment designed for ATiku therefore, in my eyes, it looks Staged and Dollarized largely.

I respect Abati and Tundu very much, but next time, they should desist from this woeful journalistic display. It is really beneath their levels thus, they should be combative, interrogative and Investigative in nature.

Been Politician’s Oriented journalist is a journalistic deficit and defeat.

Meanwhile, why didn’t arise included Rasheedat Rufia Oseni ? Your guess is good as Mine.

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