Sheggz Changes Bella’s Name To ‘Babes’

Sheggz Changes Bella’s Name To ‘Babes’

A new romantic relationship in the Big Brother Naija’s house may have already begun, as Level 1 housemate, Sheggz, has been cosying up to his colleague, Bella.

The duo have been spotted at other times chatting and getting to know themselves. They have talked about the number of children they would want with Bella stating her preference for multiples.

In a recent conversation, Sheggz complained to Bella that she was not reciprocating his attempts at building their relationship.

He said, “You’re beautiful, but you need to make effort.”

Bella responded, “I never told you to make an effort. To get me you have to put in work.”

Meanwhile, Sheggz started calling Bella by the endearment ‘babe.’

When asked to stop, Sheggz said that he prefers ‘babe’ because everyone else calls her Bella and he is not everybody else

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