Wahala no dey finish oooo 😎😎

Police for Ogun state police, southwest Nigeria don confam say musician Habib Okikiola aka Portable wey dem request say make e show for di nearest police station over one viral video wey e be like say e send some boys to beat up one D.J Chicken don show for di command headquarters on Wednesday, 29 June, 2022.

Di police tok say tok say dem ask am questions based on im hand for di attack on di guy for di video but dem tok say since di offence na bailable one plus say di strike wey happen for di state wey come affect court, dem say dem release di suspect on bail.

Meanwhile, di police don also invite di victim wey dem assault to come and tok im own side of the story, make dem quickly finish dia investigation.

(Foto: Ogun Police Command)

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