Here, I am attempting to make you think outside the box


1) Do you know that there is high chances of dancing when you drink than when you are not ?.

2) Do you know that ALCOHOL is Chief Producer of UNUSUAL Activity? Thus, whenever you dance or do unusual things, you are directly exciting, inciting and attracting your Creator.

3) Do you know that whenever you drink, be it alcohol or not, it engineers ” A High Spirited Individual” than when you are not?

If you link 1 2 3 and trace it to catholic priest, it will explain the embrace behind the theological presence of Body of Christ in the
“Unleavened Bread- TURNED-Holy Communion”

Apart from Initiatial Beliefs, Faith, The impact of Alcohol in Eucharistic Ritual has been Minimized, Silenced, Unwelcomed, Unmentioned, Exterminated and Carefully sent into exile.

Diatony Largely believe that, the Alcoholic Smell from the Wine, the Slightest inhaling of the wine and Subsequently drinking of WINE in the Altar together with already Programmed beliefs and Faith of the presiding Priest, Contributes to the “Purported” transformation of Unleavened Bread into Body of Christ ” The Eucharist”

Here is what I believe;
I believe God really appears in Holy communion.
I believe Unleavened Bread really turned to body of Christ during Consecration


The fastest reason why I should believe in Eucharist is because, Whatever DEAL we strike on this earth enjoys heaven PROTOCOL, SANCTION and RESPECT.

For the avoidance of doubt, I still believe in Eucharist but, the goal of this script is to expose the impact of ALCOHOL in the Eucharistic Ritual therefore, Since no one has noticed it or mentioned it, i hereby extend my courtesy to ALCOHOL
– Diatony 🖊️


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