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Biography Of Muojeke Anthony Sunday

Who is Diatony

Anthony Muojeke Onyeka Biography

Anthony Muojeke Onyeka AKA Diatony

Anthony Muojeke Sunday is popularly known as Diatony.
Hails from Adazi nnukwu in Anambra State South East Nigeria.
Born in Abakaliki the capital of Ebonyi State to Mr Peter and Rebecca Muojeke.

Mr Peter Muojeke AKA Peter Pan is blessed with Six siblings,3 males and 3 females.

Anthony Muojeke Sunday was born in 22nd August in early 80’s. He was the second to the last born in the family.

Fair in complexion,
Blood group O+ and As genotype.

Average in height and 82 in weight.

Still Single as of the time of this publication.
Hobbies: Sight seeing, Traveling, Watching TV, Playing foothball and Hanging out, Coaching and Studying.

Talks slowly and fast, listen carefully and very opinionated human being.

Constant awareness of human reaction with deep consciousness of social his social environment.

Enjoy watching animals and equally pays closer attention to their distinct behaviors.

A moderate conservative, his political leaning.

A countenance of easily getting angry, easily forgives and easily moving on.

Very social and accommodative of valid opinions.

Ultimate Respecter of human right and free will.

Anthony Muojeke Sunday believes in fair play, equity and justice. He always anchored himself on the principle of Golden rule,Live and let live.

Anthony belonged to traditional age grade system of Udobuikeora in Adazi Nnukwu, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Title holder chief at Ebonyi state university thus “The Mayor of Mayorsis” and Ichie Opkokora 1 of Odenigbo ancestral kingdom.

A mobilizer, Philanthropist, Idealist, Innovator, Convener, Organizer, activist, entertainer, Socialite,Coach, service oriented person and Bussiness enthusiast.

Graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from Ebonyi State University Abakaliki.

Starting up from Orjiakor Primary school,
Later attended three secondary school as he kicks off his socializing network way back from secondary.

Bubendorff Memorial Grammer school, Nawfia Comprehensive, and finally, Trinity Secondary School Abakaliki.

These historic institution of learning cannot easily forget the name…
1 Anthony Muojeke
2 Oseli
3 Ibako Weekender
4 Presido
5 Senator

Anthony Muojeke Sunday was active member of Alta boys Association and later served as executive member under Johnpaul presidency at CKP catholic church Adazi nnukwu.

Anthony was non official executive Member of Arachie Block Rosary center and central body PRO of Adazi Nnukwu block rosary crusade.

During his days at Block Rosary, Anthony formed the Igba dance group.later on, he single handedly invented the Igba dance group at St Benedict Block Rosary Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Serving as Central Body PRO, he installed discipline in the whole of Block Rosary Crusade in Adazi nnukwu.

He ultimately became the lubricating force between the politics of central body and that of the regional CKP which in one instance, culminated to the Impeachment of then president of CPK regional body over high handedness, executive lascality and unaccountable operational expenditure.

The parish priest Of CKP Rv Fr Sabastine in his wondering statement asserted that, this is his first experience of hearing or witnessing impeachment in the block Rosary Crusade.

As a foothball lover, I brought numerous moment of joy and honors to Altar boys at St Andrew catholic church Adazi Nnukwu.

Same goes to Bubendorff and Nawfia Comprehensive secondary school respectively.

Anthony Muojeke Onyeka Started as a Class prefect in Secondary school,

The co founder and naming of G10 family Club Adazi nnukwu,

President,Co founder and naming of Almgmated friends club Abakaliki,

Founder and acting president of close allies and Almgmated friends Ebsu,

Co founder and first co ordinator of social forum Ebonyi State University,

Pioneer founding member of Odenigbo ancestral kingdom Ebonyi State University and
Later served as The lord Mayor of nze n’ ozo council in the same institution,

Assistant Director of social,Sociology and Anthropology department Ebsu,

Organsing secretary of Anambra state association of Nigeria Student,

Liaison council from Nze n’ ozo to Student Union Government,

One time political adviser to SUG president on culture and student welfare,

Vetted presidential candidate for Sociology and Anthropology Department but, later Stepped down for fair play, equity and Justice,

Standard Senate Candidate In the annulled SUG election in Ebsu,

Co founder and naming of defunct Network boys of Aniekwe / Chukwu street foothball club,

Head of Nysc relocated group during youth service,

Executive producer and CEO Tonehmusic,

CEO Toneh cement and building materials Hosanna Abakaliki,

CEO Diatonyfashionista Istanbul,Turkey.

Tactician/Coach for Chukwu street young foothball team,

Cultural Guest speaker at Ebonyi TV and Radio FM,

Pioneer Member of Ndi ihe oma social club and later became the founding Financial secretary,

Convener Punish Promise Breakers #PPB

Convener Tiny Things That Matters (TTTM)

National co ordinator Center for healthcare and early childhood education (CHECE FOUNDATION )

Board of Directors MOAH Global resources

Media consultant and CEO of Diatonyempire.com

We put this here to propagate the biography of Mr Anthony Muojeke Sunday AKA Diatony

Tell us about yourself courtesy of DiatonyEmpire.com

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