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Introduction of As a Firebrand Media

PPRM invented by Diatony is Your PPRM

Diatonyempire represent a new brand of media know as personal press Review Media (PPRM)
This is infusion of what individual, Government, Organisations, Institutions,Policy Maker’s, says plus personal opinion of others, such as the public, the writer and Diatony’s Opinions brought to you via our unique method of presenting the media to the public.

We broadcast what the major players in politics, Economy, Entertainment, Sports and Tech giants says and do.

We project our personal opinion in the trending stories as they develops.

We are not robotic media organisation therefore, we embraced free choice,dynamism, neutrality and accommodative press review which means that our brand is completely flexible.

We do sensitization, mobilization, activism as well as broadcasting personal views.

We run advertisment and promotions for commercial businesses and private engagements.

Given voice to the grass root, Vulnerable groups and timing youths who cannot afford big money payment to mainstream media organisations. is geared towards airing your opinions and perspectives.

With our various firebrand media platforms such as Diatony Yfm/diatonyplug via Facebook, Diatonyplug on Instagram and, DiaEtv on YouTube, we try our best to promote Public views,Private views, Individual creativity, Bussiness, Products, Profile, Biography, Events and lifestyles.

We strive to assemble your opinion,mould your perspective, enlighten the people of Nigeria, broadcast and publish your contents.

This is why is your Personal Press Review Media (PPRM) therefore, as an individual, you are our primary constituency.

Diatony script 2022

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