PDP is spiced with Unrepentant and unconscientious Monsters, and now, the soul of PDP has traveled to Evil Forest

PDP is spiced with Unrepentant and unconscientious Monsters, and now, the soul of PDP has traveled to Evil Forest

I don’t have the strength to elaborate on this topic because, I have been sick from the night of my birthday up till now, but let me try to show you something.

You decamped to APC and helped to destroy PDP ( Goodluck Jonathan )
You came back again as a prodigal Son, PDP forgives you and rewarded you with Presidential Ticket in 2019.
In 2022, it is the turn of south, You Jettisoned the Zoning arrangements because, the electoral advantage is in Your favour.

The born to Rule mentality was seriously gaslighted in the body language of PDP heavyweights as was evidential In the stepping down of Tambuwal to sabotage a Southern candidate.

Now, fair minded person like me from kindergarten days MUST ask, is this not same PDP that SouthEast and SouthSouth has been voting for since 1999?

Some fair minded individual will begin to ask questions such as, Where is PDP sense of fairness, unity and defending the Minority?

I will further argue that, a Good Unifier normally defend Minority voices and groups abinitio, NOT When He/She become president, then, He/She will include you.

This is the question everybody need to ask PDP and her presidential candidate.

Should I even mention of Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON … It is true that I prefer Mr. Peter Obi to Wike, but This is a man who stayed behind when others ran away.
This is a man who bankroll PDP when others were busy saving their money and enjoying their life’s in Dubai.

This is a man who has been the voice of opposition when all PDP member’s suddenly lost their voices.

Wike was front-stabbed and Back-stabbed by the same PDP members especially, the enslaved ones from Southern Nigeria.

Tell me how you can forgive this kind of injustice infested Party.

Tell the likes of Senator Uche Ekwunife , Chimaroke Nnamani Osita Chidoka Reno Omokri Adeyanju Deji @delemomodu Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa Governor Godwin Obaseki UDOM Emmanuel that, they can still offer a counter argument aimed at changing my Mind.

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