Shirtless Mad Man Enters Church, Knocks Priest on the Head and Leaves with the Bible

A trending video of a mad man invading a church has stirred mixed reactions from social media users.

Awudese Ni Perfect said: “The Catholics priests are so organized and comported. “If na our pentecostal pastors, dem for don serve that mad man breakfast.

Ekpo Yemi Osinbajo Johnson said: “I see people looking at this wrongly. “Would a mad man have hit Jesus or Paul in their time? “Wouldn’t he rather be scared or beg for mercy? “The church today isn’t what was commissioned by Christ

McKelvin Paul said: “May be the iniquities and atrocities of the father made the insane mdd add act the way he did, God may be using that mad man to let worshipers know he is not worthy.

Philip Okeroghene David said: “Where were the ushers and protocols department of the church, they must be penalized for allowing that man gets to where the bishop was.

Oyedepo recalls how a man who stole in church ran mad

Bishop Davido Oyedepo had during the 2021 International Youth Alive Convention revealed that a man who stole in church ran mad. The man of God said it happened after he had warned members against such criminal attitudes. He said: “In one of the Shilohs, I warned people and somebody was found trying to pick something that was not his and he ran mad immediately

The bishop warned youths at the programme to desist from such a way of life, adding that it is perilous to steal from the house of God. Oyedepo said he decided to let them know of the risk of taking what is not theirs before blessing them.

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